Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time.  In order to avoid the most disastrous effects of our rapidly changing climate, we must move forward both quickly and decisively with strong, progressive environmental policies.


It is absolutely critical that we work to protect our air and water, our lush national parks, and to ensure environmental justice for all people.  We must re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement, and firmly stand against dangerous environmental rollbacks, including fuel emission standards. In addition to opposing dangerous anti-environmental policies, we must also protect the viability of the Environmental Protection Agency.


We must also encourage the continued development of green technologies.  Not only does green technology offer significant benefits to the environment, but provides for an economy of the future.  I will continue to actively encourage the creation of jobs in renewable energy fields.


I will continue to work as an environmental advocate in the House, and to support policies that advance a progressive environmental agenda.


Adam’s work on Climate Change:


  • Worked with the Department of Defense to ensure that climate change would be recognized as a national threat
  • Supported legislation to protect Americans from pesticides and other chemicals
  • Sponsored the Mountains to Sound Greenway Act
  • Co-sponsored H.R. 2695, the Environmental Justice Small Grants Program Act of 2017
  • Supported multiple pieces of legislation that would ensure the protection of clean air and water
  • Supported legislation to protect our national parks
  • Co-sponsored H.R. 1812, the CLIMATE Act