Dick Muri Not on Our Side

Dick Muri is a politician who wants a promotion. But his record on the Pierce County Council shows he doesn’t deserve one. In fact, about the only thing Muri has accomplished on the Council is to dramatically increase the pay for himself and other county politicians, all while cutting vital programs and mismanaging the budget. One look at his record and it becomes clear: Dick Muri is not on our side.

Fact: Dick Muri voted to increase the pay of the Pierce County Council by 21 percent.1 This, on top of the cost-of-living increases that these elected officials get every year, has left Muri with a salary of over $110,000. That’s nearly a 50 percent increase in pay in just six years. Three members of the county council opposed the 21 percent pay increase, but Dick Muri’s deciding vote carried the measure 4-3.2
Fact: The year after Dick Muri voted for a 21% payraise for councilmembers, Dick opposed a similar raise for our Sheriff.3
Fact: Dick Muri pushed to extend his own term limits to allow him to stay in office longer, which The News Tribune recognized as a brazen act of “self-interest.”4
Fact: Dick Muri has run for 4 offices in 10 years. First it was school board. Then an unsuccessful bid for State Senate. Then County Council. And now that the law says he needs to move on, Dick is trying to fool us into thinking that he is ready for his next government job.
Fact: Under Dick Muri’s watch as the head of a spending oversight committee, Pierce County government ran up a massive $8 million deficit.5 Dick then voted to make cuts to the 4-H program for children6 and 15 Sheriff’s Deputy positions7 to balance the budget, all while refusing to reduce his own generous salary.
Fact: Dick Muri wants to eliminate the Department of Education, which would effectively eliminate Federal student loans and financial aid programs that allow thousands of students to afford a college education each year.
Fact: Last year, Dick Muri attempted to weaken our justice system by removing a judge position.8 The Governor, the Attorney General, the Pierce County Executive, the Pierce County Prosecutor and The News Tribune all opposed it. Luckily, the Council lacked the authority to make that change and the decision was ultimately overturned by the Attorney General.
Fact: Dick Muri supported a decision to turn off cameras during public comment periods.9
Fact: Dick Muri voted to restrict free speech rights at Council meetings.10
Fact: During a citizen’s testimony at a Council meeting in 2008, Dick Muri was caught sending text messages rather than listening.11 The resident, who took the day off from work to testify about an important community issue, reported that Muri looked “dazed and shocked” when confronted about his texting.
Fact: The Olympian newspaper calls Dick Muri an “ideologue” who is a “good fit with the party of ‘no.’12
Fact: Dick Muri’s hypocrisy on spending is blatant and one newspaper recently called him on it. One second Muri is preaching federal spending cuts and the next he brags about funding local projects with federal money. As The Olympian says, “you can’t have it both ways.”13
Fact: A fellow member of the Pierce County Council describes Dick Muri as a “hard-line Republican” who is “uncompromising when it comes to partisan disagreements.”14

We need leaders who look out for our interests, not their own.

It’s clear that

Dick Muri is not on our side.

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